About Us

Just a tiny intro;

The world has changed, is changing and will always change. With the continuous growth of technology, there will be daily updates in our lives especially in this section. Most people nowadays are addicted to their phones where they can see the world and share almost everything with everyone on social media platforms. However, I am addicted to work, so I am using all my energy and passion in business to offer you amazing products and service. Social media will help me market my website to reach you. And here I am, putting all my effort to make YOU a priority.

What do we offer?

Exclusively for the first time in Lebanon, high quality customization category for apple products. iPhone cases, AirPods cases, watch bands, and phone grips.

We also offer electronics such as AirPods and Smart Watches. Must-have accessories, high quality screen and lens protectors, and much more.

We always guarantee quality and service.

Where are we based?

In our home country, Lebanon. The team delivers to all regions in few days. You can order through our website, and for any inquiries or help, you can reach us on WhatsApp Messenger or Email and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

For more information kindly check 'FAQ' and 'Contact Us' pages.

My story briefly;

Earlier in 2017, I started my own online shop that lasted for two years. But due to covid-19 situation as soon as it started and spread all over the world in a disastrous way, I had to shut down my shop. Since then, I continued my studying courier and took a job far from the online world, but my passion was still waiting the chance to start again. 

And now I graduated. I worked almost 24/7 for the last few months in 2021 to finish this website and I took the chance to start all over again. It’s 2022 now. But for me, it’s never too late to achieve success.

Thank you for supporting me and my small business!