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5-in-1 Electronics Cleaning Kit

5-in-1 Electronics Cleaning Kit

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  • The cleaning kit includes: 1 flocking sponge, 1 brush, 1 pen nib,1 spray bottle, and 1 fiber flannel (cleaning cloth).
  • Efficient Cleaning: Flocking sponge is used to clean the earbuds charging case hole. Brush is used for earbuds and phone mesh sound holes. Pen nib is used to clean crevice stains. Spray is used to all screens cleaning. Fiber is used for every cleaning needed after spraying.
  • Suitable for cleaning dust and stains on monitors such as mobiles, iPad/tablets, AirPods/earbuds, cameras, laptops and more. The sponge is soft enough not to scratch any screen.
  • Upgraded Mini Size: light and small, easy to carry and store.

**colors may appear different on monitors/screens**

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